Mana Yumii

Mana Yumii is a Actress, Writer, Director and Drama Educator.
Mana Yumii was born in Kyoto, Japan. Currently resides in Düsseldorf, Germany. Working between Tokyo and Düsseldorf.

She had studied Performing Art and Theater Pedagogy in Kyoto University of Art and Design (B.A. in Performing Arts and Visual Arts) and ZA-KOENJI Public Theater Creative Theater Academy, Tokyo.
She has performed in a lot of collaborating theater project.
Recent production credits include “Interior” Directed by Claude Regy (Festival Avignon, France, etc.) and “The Wolf and the Goat” Directed by Compagnia RODISIO (Italy), etc. Currently She has started collaborating theater project between Germany and Japan in Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Germany.
She is interested in multicultural projects.
And then She established the theater company for early years, “BEBERICA”, developing the Baby Drama.
She is a part of the Next Generation Programme Asia in Tokyo from 2015. And she was chosen a part of Next Generation in Cape town 2017.
Her work is presented in wide fields such as Contemporary Theater, Theater for Early Years, Drama Education, Improvisation Theater. Though her work crosses between various genres, her two main themes are:

-Seeing society through child’s view.

-Creating work inspired by human’s unconsciousness and sense’s.

She inquires the theme through many different activities, and presents how society could be.

The present activity



Acting work

Directed by Claude Regy, based on written work by Maurice MAETERLINCK
Produced by Les Ateliers Contemporains and Shizuoka performing art center SPAC.

2014Festival Avignon(France)/The Festival d’Automne (France)
2015 Asian Arts Theater Opening festval(Korea)/Kanagawa Arts Theater KAAT (Japan)/ Shizuoka Performing Arts Center SPAC(Japan)

“The Wolf and the Goat”

Tis collaboratng project between Italy and Japan.
Inspired by “One Stormy Night…” by Yuchi Kimura
WriFen and Directed by Manuela Capece and Davide Doro Produced by RODISIO(Italy) and Kijimuna-­‐Fest(Japan)  2011/2012 Kijimuna-­‐Festa (Internatonal Theater Festval Okinawa for Young Audience in Okinawa)
2015 ricca ricca*festa(Internatonal Theater Festval Okinawa for Young Audience in Okinawa)

And more…..


Improvised theatre

I belong to improvised theatre company “Impro-labo”. I regularly play show of im-pro and facilitate workshop of im-pro.

Workshop for children

I directe the theater workshop for children at the elementary school and highschool and the theater.